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I Heard That Was Good

Jan 23, 2013

New feature! The top of the show question! Please to answer here or any of the other many ways to get in touch with us!

We cover the box office for the week, including Arnold bombing, Jessica Chastain holding the top two spots, my plan to thin the herd using A Haunted House.

Carson reviews Silver Linings Playbook (in 4D!)

Trailer talk! We continue to be confused about Movie 43 and also talk Warm Bodies, Bullet to the Head, Identity Theft, Safe Haven (starring the poor man's Timothy Olyphant), and we briefly revisit Die Hard 5 to relay the WORST line from the movie.

We learn how to use movie magic to make fake poop!

I express my disappointment with my Oscar picks.

Moovie Newz! Another director turns down Star Wars 7, but one throws his hat in the ring that I like!

Movie urban legends. Do you know one we missed?

I won't be in the new James Franco Faulkner adaptation. We talk a little about our experience at The Help premiere and how we snubbed Jessica Chastain.

We talk about what's coming out this weekend and then get more confounded by Movie 43!