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I Heard That Was Good

Nov 25, 2014

On this bonus epsiode a 2005 interview with The Office star Jenna Fischer right before the premiere of season 2! Did I prank her as we talked about in Bonus Ep 001? Also, we talk about her previous career, a movie she was in, a movie she made and a movie for cats!

These bonus episodes consist of interviews I did for radio for a show I was on in the early 2000s in Harrisonburg, VA. We'll discuss the interview, listen to it, then give our thoughts on it with the perspective of the last 10 years.

five and a half years ago

Glad you enjoyed it! We have a ton of big names coming up in these bonus episodes (I tease them in Ep 103) and lots of current interviews with people like Dan Aykroyd, Nat Faxon, Michael J. Nelson and most recently John Gemberling and coming Thanksgiving Bill Corbett. Plus our usual chatter. Hope you continue to listen! Thanks!

Still a huge Office fan!
five and a half years ago

Loved this! Jenna Fischer is always so great. I can't believe it's been almost ten years since The Office premiered. Thanks, guys! :)