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I Heard That Was Good

Feb 7, 2013

It seemed like this was going to be a short one, but it turned out to be a little bit longer thanks to a guest that shows up towards the end.

New Movie review this week: The Impossible. SO SAD!

Super Bowl movie trailers and the retweet that made me "big" on Twitter.

Moovie Newz about an HBO show headed to the big screen. OH YEAH! Yet more sequels no one asked for and of course STAR WARS!

I correct one of the most embarrassing errors I've ever made on the show that no one probably would have noticed in a million years.

Stars that were originally considered for famous roles.

The racket one of my middle school friends had that was essentially the beginning of YouTube.

The abortion movie I STILL can't believe little girls love!

V shows up to talk about one of my favorite movies from last year that recently came out on DVD and we revisit our Oscar picks and I had to edit out beaucoup spoilers.

Remember, stay tuned to the end of this episode for a VERY special surprise!

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