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I Heard That Was Good

Feb 21, 2013

We kick off this episode with BIG NEWS! We passed 1000 downloads! THANK YOU for listening and sharing I Heard That Was Good with your friends and loved ones. Keep it up! That being said we do ruin a few movies that have had it coming in this episode (Safe Haven, Charlie St. Cloud, First Daughter). AND stay tuned after the credits for another special musical stinger we mention in the middle of the show.

New Movie reviews: Side Effects (again) and A Good Day To Die Hard

Our last Oscar (and Oscar PARTY) preview segment.

V checks our game scoring from last week and we play a new holiday-themed game.

The improbable current whereabouts of the kid from Hook, Dick Tracy and What About Bob?

Trailer reviews: Jack the Giant Slayer, 21 and Over, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, This is the End, After Earth, Olympus Has Fallen.

Pre-reviews of movies this week Snitch and Dark Skies.

And finally, 1984: The year in film

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