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I Heard That Was Good

Jun 27, 2013

This episode kicks off with my review of Man of Steel (Spoiler alert: 4:55 to 5:55) and Carson and I review World War Z.

We again take on movie talkers and I decide to make a change in the way I deal with them.

Pre-reviews of this week's movies: White House Down and The Heat (and a direct to OnDemand Jason Statham...

Jun 20, 2013

What a great BIG show! Our first phone guest, big news in the life of a podcaster, big reviews of Man of Steel and Frances Ha, big critiques of the theater going experience and we find out the biggest movie/TV story of the week WHILE we're recording! So, we talk about James Gandolfini a little bit.

We answer some...

Jun 13, 2013

Two new apocalyptic movie reviews this week! After Earth and This is the End. Both are in the running for best comedy of the year!

Also included: a plea on behalf of Ethan Hawke's family and the most beautiful carjacker ever, more talk about Crispin Glover's wackadoo post-2000 filmmaking, our favorite movie dads,...

Jun 6, 2013

After some thanks to you for a couple awesome download days last week, a shout out to my favorite movie app, RunPee, and a review of our golf skills and golfing movies, we kick off the show with two NEW movie reviews for Mud and Now You See Me. One was great and one was sucktown and I kind of spoil it, so beware if you...