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I Heard That Was Good

Feb 28, 2013

Hope your Oscar Fever hasn't broken yet because here's our post-Oscars rundown! We talk Oscar Party and food puns, what we thought of the show, the winners and losers and of course the long-awaited results of our OSCAR POOL!

We debate the worst Yippie-ki-aye in the Die Hard movies.

We talk about all the bombs coming...

Feb 21, 2013

We kick off this episode with BIG NEWS! We passed 1000 downloads! THANK YOU for listening and sharing I Heard That Was Good with your friends and loved ones. Keep it up! That being said we do ruin a few movies that have had it coming in this episode (Safe Haven, Charlie St. Cloud, First Daughter). AND stay tuned after...

Feb 14, 2013

Sorry, no intro on this one! We jump right in talking about movie stars that attempted music careers.

Romantic movies for your Valentine's Day enjoyment.

V reViews Side Effects.

This week's movies, teenage witches, Jude Law, and the movie I think about when I wash my hands.

V makes his case for 1991 being a great...

Feb 7, 2013

It seemed like this was going to be a short one, but it turned out to be a little bit longer thanks to a guest that shows up towards the end.

New Movie review this week: The Impossible. SO SAD!

Super Bowl movie trailers and the retweet that made me "big" on Twitter.

Moovie Newz about an HBO show headed to the big...