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I Heard That Was Good

Dec 27, 2012

Here's part 2 of our year end wrap up which includes...

The year's underrated films and performances.

Why I feel guilty about not loving Lincoln as much as everyone else.

We briefly touch on the Golden Globes.

The WORST films of the year according to Time Magazine (who are mostly wrong) and me (who is right).


Dec 20, 2012

Our last show of the year turned into two! So here's part one in which...

We review the Hobbit and my behavior at our company Christmas party.

Why we've heard HFR 3D is not OK and why 1 book=3 movies is OK.

I remember more movies that turned into TV shows, one I LOVED.

We review, by request, 3 big action movie...

Dec 13, 2012

Merry early Christmas! On this episode of I Heard That Was Good

I review Killing Them Softly.

We also talk about:

TV shows and cartoons based on movies

Royal Baby news and royal movies

and of course... Christmas movies!
Rankin Bass
Horrible made for TV Christmas movies (Christmas Shoes!)
Rob Lowe's Ties

Dec 6, 2012

Here it is! We made another one! It's shorter! Episode 2, without any forethought, turned out to be a lot about sequels. Which I ruined by pointing it out. Also, we introduce a new feature (which really it's only episode 2, so they're any featured would still be considered new, right?) called I Heard That Was...