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I Heard That Was Good

Dec 13, 2012

Merry early Christmas! On this episode of I Heard That Was Good

I review Killing Them Softly.

We also talk about:

TV shows and cartoons based on movies

Royal Baby news and royal movies

and of course... Christmas movies!
Rankin Bass
Horrible made for TV Christmas movies (Christmas Shoes!)
Rob Lowe's Ties
What Christmas special made me want to become a hobo?!
We dissect E! Online's pathetic list of the best Christmas movies
What constitutes a Christmas movie? Is taking place around Christmas enough?
AND Carson and I totally disagree about a certain star-studded instant Christmas classic.

Plus, an early Christmas gift to ourselves THEME MUSIC!

Our new intro:
(Monroeville Music Center) / CC BY 3.0

Our new outro:
Dollar Theatre
(Jalen Warshawsky) / CC BY 3.0

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