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I Heard That Was Good

Mar 21, 2013

This episode kicks off with us talking about Irish movies without mentioning Boondock Saints and three Steve Jobs movies in the works, including the one with Kelso.

We ask a couple questions: Is there a movie about your profession or industry that got everything COMPLETELY wrong? and Can you name a movie star that made a bad or underwhelming movie and then died? We mname a few we thought of.

New movie reviews: Oz The Great and Powerful and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (Spoiler: One was pretty great and one was not incredible)

Pre-reviews of this week's movies: Spring Breakers, Olympus Has Fallen, The Croods, and Admission

1983: The Year in Film

And remember, stay in your seats after the credits for a special treat I mention in the ep!

Thanks again for listening!