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I Heard That Was Good

Nov 29, 2012

Hi! I'm Tim Murphy and this is the first episode of my new podcast with Carson Case about movies and everything else!

In this episode you'll hear us talk about....

Why are we doing this?

Superhero Movies (including Dark Knight Rises spoilers! and News!)

Our trepidation at entering the world of podcasting

Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Special

Life of Pi and Ang Lee's horrible Hulk

Lincoln and Spielberg and James Bond

Skyfall and Who is the Better Bond?

Why did Goldeneye on N64 make me quit video games

I crack myself up with an impression of Quake

We play the Tomato, Tomahto game

Find out which one of us has actually seen a Twilight movie!

What age group are the worst movie talkers?

Flight's cheesy soundtrack

What's so bad about Taken 2? AND MORE!