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I Heard That Was Good

Dec 6, 2012

Here it is! We made another one! It's shorter! Episode 2, without any forethought, turned out to be a lot about sequels. Which I ruined by pointing it out. Also, we introduce a new feature (which really it's only episode 2, so they're any featured would still be considered new, right?) called I Heard That Was Wrong, where I fact check statements made on the show. This time about Storm, Batman and why does everyone hate being James Bond? We also cover:
Killing Me Softly bombed, but I still want to see it because of Brad Pitt.
What actors pull us or push us from a movie?
Our new twitter account! It's @IHearThatWasGd. Give us a follow!
How does our new twit handle tie into how they snuck sacrelige into the Dennis the Menace movie?
December releases including The Hobbit and Django Unchained.
Christmas movies and the A Christmas Story sequel.
A movie tough guy quote we'd never say.
I make an awful unintentional pun while we talk about Top Gun 2.
3D re-releases
We reminisce about video stores and the ungodly prices we used to pay to rent new releases.

Thanks for listening!