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I Heard That Was Good

Jun 27, 2013

This episode kicks off with my review of Man of Steel (Spoiler alert: 4:55 to 5:55) and Carson and I review World War Z.

We again take on movie talkers and I decide to make a change in the way I deal with them.

Pre-reviews of this week's movies: White House Down and The Heat (and a direct to OnDemand Jason Statham flick) and an pre-pre-review of The Lone Ranger.

We answer some questions from last week's show about a Sopranos movie and new trailer verbage.

Movie Newz about sequels.

1985: The Year in Film. Good or bad?

Underrated movie action figures, USA Network original comedies, the most androgynous Bond girl, and I recount an embarrassing reference I made in front of a youngster.

Homework for Ep032:
What's the better bonerjamz: Grace Jones or duck boobs from the beginning of Howard the Duck?