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I Heard That Was Good

Jan 17, 2013

It's the IHTWG Super-Sized Awards Show Spectacular Spectacular!

We welcome our first live in-studio guest, our oft-mentioned friend V (like the Letter/for Vendetta) for our (first) Awards Show ep of the season.

We kick it off with more new movie reviews than ever! Silver Linings Playbook, The Gangster Squad and Zero Dark Thirty

CARSON breaks the streak and mentions she who must not be named.

Golden Globes talk!

What Ben Affleck's obvious reply to the Academy Re: his Oscar snub should be (NSFW language!)

Why I think method actors are maybe bad actors.

I backtrack on a movie I bad mouthed in a previous ep.

Oscar nomination talk AND we make our predictions for the big show.

I harp again on my American guilt for not liking Lincoln.

Why The Golden Globes may be Tony Mendez's greatest feat of espionage.

We reply to our Twitter mentions.

Get some Moovie Newz in there.

If we get anything wrong about the Jurassic Park or Pirates of the Carribbean franchises, please tell us because I'm not looking it up.

Does ANYONE know the deal with a supposed Avengers 2 trailer?

AND MORE! Thanks for listening! Remember to comment on this post or email us at or tweet @IHeardThatWasGd.