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I Heard That Was Good

Jan 3, 2013

Happy New Year! Here's what we cover in the first episode of 2013:

We ask the question that plagued our New Year's Eve celebration.

I review Les Miserables and give my final movie talley for 2012.

Why it's easier to give an Oscar to Les Mis than it was to give an Oscar to The Artist.

Did I cry during the movie? What movie makes Carson cry?

Carson revisits Nolan's Batman trilogy

In honor of those kooky Mayans, we talk End of the World movies, one that was a bomb you might be

surprised they're remaking starring a guy Carson met.

The movies that most resemble how the apocalypse will happen (hint: not nukes).

Why living in the world of Children of Men might have been kinda fun.

The TV shows I watch but can't wait for them to be cancelled.

Movies we have to watch all the way through when they're on TV and what all of mine have in common.

We get confused about sequel numbers and order.

We put sad scenes from the two big comet movies toe to toe.

V Like The Letter
seven and a half years ago

Finally caught up on all the episodes I had missed. Pure awesomeness! Keep it coming guys. BTW I can't believe Dark Knight is not nominated for the Academy Award. BTW 2: Last night I saw Moonlight Kingdom and it rocked my world. Wes Anderson has mastered his panning technique.